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Since establishing our own space in 2019, we have created programs designed to support our fellow independent artists, with a priority on creating a welcoming environment for marginalised voices. Our space is just over 265 square metres with 12 rigging points that vary between 5.5 – 6m, a 9x5m tumble area and large stretches of wall space. There is one bathroom with a tap to refill water bottles. No shower facilities on site.

Independent artists can access our space through Open Training or Generate.

Members of our Open Training program get access to generous opening hours and gear storage at affordable rates to maintain and develop their practice.

We also support the development, rehearsal and remounts of circus and physical theatre work through our Generate program.

*** Please note our generate program is currently paused and we are not accepting new applications at this time ***

Both programs are via application and we do not offer private space hire or subhires.



Rooted in inclusivity our space will support queer and feminist artists, their projects and allies.


A creative, inspiring environment that fosters creative practice, experimentation and collaboration.


Increased access to great facilities to support and strengthen the independent physical theatre sector.


We have developed a Code of Conduct to ensure everyone feels safe, comfortable and welcome.


Open training and Generate are via application only. Applicants must align with and uphold our values to be successful.


We will enforce our values through a three strike policy.


All levels of physical practice are welcome. Open training and show development as part of Generate will run side by side.


By sharing across levels of experience, creative practices and rehearsal processes as a sector we will be more inspired. Through this ‘creativity first’ environment together we will be more confident to explore our creative practice and encouraged to take creative risks.


Gear storage for people who: ride, walk or catch PT. Designated space with no-pack up between rehearsals for shows.


Generous opening hours and affordable rates for both Open Training and Generate.


Monitored capacities to ensure enough space and equipment for all users.

This is not a space for violence, for touching people without their consent, for being intolerant of someone’s religious beliefs or lack thereof, for being creepy, sleazy, racist, ageist, sexist, hetero-sexist, queer & trans-phobic, able-ist, classist, size-ist or any other behavior or language that may perpetuate oppression.

Our code of conduct and house rules will be enforced through a three strike policy.


You will be asked to leave immediately.


You will be suspended from using the space in any capacity for 3 weeks.


You will be banned from using the space in any capacity for one year and need to re-apply.

If you are doing general training or running an act, Open Training is for you.

If you require a defined space and are rehearsing more than an act, we classify this as rehearsal space and you need to apply for Generate.

This helps us manage space requirements and work within our capacity.

Open Training and Generate give you different privileges and different rates. Read on for more details.

Please be aware we do not offer private hire. All rehearsals are in a shared space environment.

Please Read the following before completing your application on the next page.


10am – 6pm Mon – Fri

CLOSED – Sat & Sun


Our Open Training Program runs from 10am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday with morning and afternoon sessions with a Max Capacity of 20 people at a time.
You can book into as many sessions as you like across the day or week.
Each individual half-day session is $7 and an addition $3 to make it a full-day session.
No matter whether you book in for only mornings, only afternoons, some full-days, some half-days, or all day every do, you will only pay a MAXIMUM of $35 per week.


Anyone accessing the space is required to attend an induction before they can start training. You will be send info on this if your application is successful.


If you use sustainable transport (push bike, moto bike, PT or walk), you are welcome to store small to medium props/ equipment as long as you have a current membership. The process for this is covered during induction.


We require 1 weeks notice to pause, restart or cancel a membership. You will not need to reapply to return but depending on how much time has passed you may need to be re-inducted.

Open Training Application

We will assess your application based on our goals for the space as outlined in Our Values.

For any questions about our open training training application or for assistance with the application, we are happy to help out if you send us an email at 

We assess open training applications on the 28th of each month. You will be notified of the outcome the next business day. Inductions will be scheduled shortly after this review process.

Please Read the following before completing your application on the next page.


We are committed to supporting the work, development and voices of feminist and queer artists. We welcome applications from all artists but priority will be given to voices that are not often heard.


Before applying you should familiarise yourself with our values and code of conduct. We will not support work that undermines our vision for the space.


You can elect to rehearse ‘full time’ or ‘casually’ between 10-6 Mon-Fri.

Full-time allows you to have a designated space and leave your show set up between rehearsals. Full time is charged weekly, per person. Min 1 week, additional days charged at a daily rate, per person. These rates apply from your first to your last rehearsal.

Casual means you can elect which days you will rehearse, they don’t need to be consecutive. You will have to pack down in-between rehearsals but storage can be negotiated. Casual rehearsals are charged at a daily rate per person, per day with a minimum booking of three days.


No matter which option you select, everyone accessing the space will need to set up a profile in our online booking system, sign an indemnity, accept the terms and conditions and attend an induction.


Full Time: $60 per person per week, additional days $10 per person per week, 1 week min

Part Time: $10 per person per day, 3 days min

Fee Subsidy: We want to see more diversity on Australian stages; diversity in ideas, performers and makers. If your project is driven by and or creates opportunities for underrepresented people you might be eligible for us to subsidise your Generate fees. We’re talking about amplifying voices, not tick-a-box casting.

Generate Application

Please appoint one lead contact to submit your application on behalf of the project.

We will assess your application based on our goals for the space as outlined in Our Values.


**** Applications for generate are currently on pause. We will update this page again once application open back up ****