Level Up

Follow three acrobats as they embark on an epic quest. Through a series of challenges and obstacles, their extraordinary skills and teamwork are put to the test. Along the way they encounter a giant claw machine, channel the agility and precision of video game characters and forge bonds that lead to their ultimate triumph.


Celebrating the power of the imagination and universal joy of playing games “Level Up’ is a circus packed adventure suitable for all ages. The show cleverly translates the essence of game culture into live performance, with elements like levels, challenges and puzzles serving as the backbone of the story. 


But beyond the challenges, “Level Up” is a heartfelt reminder that it’s the people you share your adventures with who truly make them extraordinary. The bonds forged, the laughter shared, and the teamwork exhibited are what truly make any endeavour special.


In this grand game of life, “Level Up” reminds us that the people you play with can turn even the most challenging quests into something truly extraordinary.